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R&B Artist, Nathaniel Releases Official Music Video for ‘Stickup Kid’


Fellas, I hope you’re treating your ladies right because Nathaniel is back, but this time with a brand new music video.


Brooklyn’s very own R&B singer, producer, and songwriter, released the official music video for his latest single, ‘Stickup Kid.’ In a recent interview with us the singer revealed that there is more to this song that meets the eye, “I’m taking the girl from her guy. The message is treat your woman right; women don’t be in an abusive relationship… there is always an underlying message to each record.”


Nathaniel eluded to how this “underlying message” will play out in the then upcoming video when he said, “You’ll see there’s a message to it. It’s not just me taking a girl from a guy…”


He was not lying, but you will have to see to find out!


Watch the video below:


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