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Reebok “Alien” Stompers

Reebok Shoes

Athletic footwear brand Reebok will be releasing an exact replica of the Alien high-top stompers as a part of Alien Day.

For Alien Day, which is suppose to rival Back to the Future Day and Star Wars’ May the 4th, Fox will be issuing a ton of alien themed merchandise on April 26th. The date is a nod to the planet know as LV-426, from James Cameron’s Aliens.

The Stompers will be made in the image of the high-top sneakers worn by Sigourney Weaver, as Ellen Ripley, for $174.99

The Stompers are a staple in the movie’s franchise. Reebok specifically designed the shoes for Cameron’s film, and they are considered by many to be some of cinema’s most famous sneakers.aliens

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