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Reebok Delivers First Signature Training Shoe For NFL Defensive Player J.J. Watt

Houstin Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt

Today Reebok launches the JJ I, the first signature sneaker from the Texans defensive end, and three-time AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award recipient J.J. Watt. Enforced with heel and toe stability, the raised topline midsole keeps the foot locked for increased support, while the outsole provides multidirectional traction, and grip enabling the wearer full range of control during agility workouts.

This is all made possible by the FlexCage technology which is designed to provide a lockdown feel with its webbing tie-down system without restricting the foot’s movement when in motion. Reebok took advantage of opportunity to debut their Liquid Foam technology, which allows for rapid reaction time.


Reebok took cues from Watt’s style of play to design a sneaker that delivers on performance by his standards. Watt reflects on the process of putting the shoe together.

“I’ve trained in many different shoes throughout my career, but there was never one that I felt was clearly the best shoe to get the job done…We spent over a year making sure that this shoe would perform at the highest level on any surface for any activity. Everyone has their own personal vision of greatness, the JJ simply ensures that you have the right tools for the hunt.”

Watt currently holds the Texans franchise records for both sacks and forced fumbles. You can expect to see more from Watt this coming season with the new addition to his training regimen. Sports trainers and athletes looking to take their training to another level, can purchase a pair of the light-weight trainers at Reebok.com for $99.99 on Friday, July 15th.

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