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Reek I’van – Video “I’m The flip”




It’s a cold, rainy day in November. The streets almost vacant. A Jeep Cherokee dodges through the heavy rain drops that dance against the hood of a young Reek I’van’s car.  The model/rapper breezes through the city of Philadelphia as the colors of red, yellow, and green glare into the windshield from the series traffic lights. The base of his music sends out vibrations rippling the puddles he passes. Fresh off the release of his video “I’m the Flip”, I could help but to ask the talented and tatted rapper.

reek-flipFresh off the release of his video “I’m the Flip” I just had to ask the talented and tatted rapper what are the driving factors behind his motivation? Especially, in an industry that is so fickle. He slowly turns down the music answering my question. “First and foremost, my daughter is my driving factor,” he say’s with the utmost pride when mentioning her. “In addition, to simply follow my purpose! I know my purpose is to deliver a message. Also, to bring honor to all my homies I lost. The fallen soldiers that wholeheartedly believed in me.” Wearing a black Calvin Klien cap, he begins to adjust the brim, bending it as his voice passionately modulates while speaking. “It’s important because it would be an injustice if I stopped or gave up. I simply want to bring light to the city and bring a change.”

As he remains more determined than ever, the independent record label owner, London Boy Ent / London Gvng presents his the latest visuals for “I’m the Flip”

Reek I’van “I’m The Flip”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reek.ivan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/reekivan
Produced by Bone Collector (@bonecollectorx3)
Directed by Gaudenzulu
Filmed & Edited by Gaudenzulu


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