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Reforming The Classics: Adidas x Sneakers and Stuff

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Sneakers n Stuff pays homage to its hometown of, Stockholm, with its launch of the Adidas Originals Shades of White pack. The pack includes the classic Tubular, Superstar, and Stan Smith sneakers in their signature color, Stockholm white, or Stockholmsvitt. This unique color way consists of a blend of the color white with eggshell and gray. Though the color still appears to be white, the subtle difference helps to break up the starkness of the white and bring it down a couple of notches.

Aside form the slight shift in color, Sneakers n Stuff also added their own custom should to one of the pack of three. The new reforms made to the classic brand adds and even greater sense of exclusivity.


“There is a pink signature innersole featuring a tonal printed map of Stockholm City, our home and base of Sneakers n Stuff. We wanted to celebrate Adidas Superstar’s 40th anniversary by keeping it simple and classic, but also add something unique.”

-Co-founder of Sneakers n Stuff, Peter Jansson

Made available for purchase today, February 25th, Adidas enthusiasts can purchase the collection exclusively at Sneakers n Stuff stores or on their website linked here.

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