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Republicans Snub Trump at RNC

via US Magazine

The Republican National Convention has begun, but there are some very important names absent from the show. Well-known names such as Jeb Bush and the Bush clan, Mitt Romney, and John Kasich will not be in attendance this year, as a subtle protest against Donald Trump’s campaign. It is no secret that a significant portion of Republicans just can’t stand Donald Trump, and with good reason- Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric and unapologetic brashness is something that a lot of Republicans don’t agree with.

But let’s recap, for those who missed it: The first night of the RNC featured Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, giving a speech with the goal to paint Donald in a more gentle light. However, this did not go over well, as it seems that she may have plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from eight years ago. The Internet spotted this and, as the Internet community does, immediately turned it into a meme, mocking the striking similarities between the two ladies’ speeches. Melania has said that she wrote the speech with “as little help as possible,” but according to the Donald Trump campaign, she had a team of writers.

Needless to say, this week will be a very interesting one. Stay tuned.

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