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Resident Evil 7 Delivers A Nightmare Experience That Will Change Horror Games Forever

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20 years since “Resident Evil” came out on the PlayStation, enduring fear on the player as they go through a mansion facing creatures and zombies. Years gone by as the games becoming more and more scary. When four hit the shelves in 2005, it changed the direction of the franchise as they combine horror and action with over-the-shoulder gameplay. Now, fans finally get to play the seven installment of the franchise as it’s played from a first person perspective, delivering a nightmarish feel that probably sets the standard of future horror games.


The story itself is about a man name Ethan, who searches for his missing wife inside a house with a lunatic family. This family is affect with the virus and causing major problems for his rescue attempt. The gameplay itself feels much different than previous ones. Weapons are hard to find and a lot of puzzling to figure it what’s really happening in the house.


For those that played the demo probably already know how difficult the game may be. But now it’s much different considering the amount of boss battles the player needs to face. It’s also compatible with VR equipment, thus taking it to another level in horror games.


Check out the launch trailer below to see if you have the guts on playing the game.


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