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Results Of The AFC/NFC Championship Games Shows How Awful These Playoffs Were

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If there was any indication of the AFC/NFC championship games being as lopsided as anyone thought it could be, it’s that they shown how awful these playoffs were.


Overall, this really wasn’t a postseason that lived up to expectations. Since Wild Card weekend, there have been so many blowout games compare to last postseason. Most of the home teams have won other than the Green Bay Packers, who pull an upset in Dallas thanks to a Mason Crosby field goal. But looking at those games, all the damage starts in the first half and ends with a big time play.


Couple of examples were displayed from yesterday’s performances. Matt Ryan threw a pass to Julio Jones on the slant, taking it to the endzone and going up 31-0 in the 3rd quarter. Tom Brady threw a pass to Chris Hugan, literally took apart a poor Pittsburgh Steelers defense and scored two touchdowns. How is it possible that these teams at home won so easily in the championship round? Well these elite quarterbacks are playing at a high level.


Ryan and Brady are front MVP runners for many reasons. Each quarterback is in rhythm on offense, being patient in the pocket thanks to the offensive line, not turning over the football, and making others better. This is all just a product of the NFL not being as competitive as it was before. Really there is no super team because each team has a flaw. Hopefully the Super Bowl can at least be competitive by the star of the 4th quarter. Don’t be surprise though if another blowout occurs.

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