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The Right Grooming Products For Your Complexion

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Much like finding the perfectly fitted suit jacket or the ideal trouser break, there’s no catch-all solution for making the most of our skin.


Although skin is fundamentally the same whatever its colour, there are a few differences that determine how best to look after it. Pale skin, for example, is particularly susceptible to sun damage and dryness, whereas black skin is especially prone to ingrown hairs.


So, here are some essential tips on how to look after your skin, whatever its colour.


Red Hair? Pale Complexion?

Dryness and sensitivity tend to be the biggest skincare issues experienced by men with a fairer complexion, which leaves them vulnerable to premature ageing, redness, freckles and sun damage.


The solution? Make ‘protect and survive’ your skincare mantra.


Blond And Blue-Eyed? Pale Skin?


Guys with blond or light brown hair and pale skin face similar issues to those with red hair and freckles, with sun protection and moisturisation key to their routine.


Dark Hair? Mediterranean Or ‘Olive’ Complexion?

This kind of skin rarely burns, tans well and resists the ageing process better than pale skin, having characteristics of both lighter and darker skin types.


However, it’s worth remembering that it still needs to be protected from sun damage (use a daily SPF 15 moisturiser and sun lotion), and an oil-free moisturiser might also come in handy, too.


Afro-Caribbean? Dark Skin? Curly Hair?

It may not show the signs of age in the same way as pale skin, but having a darker complexion isn’t without its skincare challenges.


Not only is it prone to hyperpigmentation, but it’s also susceptible to ingrown hairs and can look grey and ashy if not sufficiently moisturised. Luckily, all these problems can be reduced or rectified with a few simple steps.


Asian Colouring


As with Afro-Caribbean skin, Asian complexions are better protected against the ageing process and sun damage than paler ones. That said, Asian complexions can be prone to enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.


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