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Classic and Unique Cars To Be Exhibited At Miami Supercar Rooms Auto Promenade Wynwood


Miami Supercar Rooms, the nation’s first auto art gallery and gourmet dining experience, showcasing classic and unique cars at the second annual Auto Promenade Wynwood, taking place on Sunday, Dec 4.


“We’re pleased to announce our second annual Auto Promenade Wynwood,” says Elo, the Executive Producer and founder of Miami Supercar Rooms. “Last year’s inaugural showcase was a great success and was our first event to commemorate the opening of Miami Supercar  Rooms.  This year we’re expecting more than double the number of vehicles on display from owners and collectors across the country, as well as over a thousand people anticipated to attend with their families for an enjoyable day out. Auto Promenade Wynwood is the city’s first annual Road Art showcase that exhibits the finest America has to offer – allowing owners to display their prized possessions for everyone to see each and every year.”


The event goes from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, free to the public. More than 66 cars ranging from classic and vintage, to sports and custom-built Supercars, are bringing these vehicles in the streets of Wynwood’s arts and entertainment district. From NW 20th street to NW 23rd street in Wynwood, there are specific categories for each type of vehicle:


An exhibition of Supercars will be on display between 20th Street and 21st Street
An exhibition of Classic Cars will be on display between 21st Street and 22nd Street
An exhibition of Art Cars will be on display between 22nd Street and 23rd Street


When the event is over, they will presented trophies for Best Art Car, Best Supercar, Best Classic Car, Overall Auto Promenade Champion, and Elo’s Choice. Make sure to explore most of the other cars as well as it’s gonna be another great gallery showing in Miami.

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