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Rumor In The Works: J.Crew Launching Lower Price Line


Are you a J.Crew fanatic and part of Jenna Lyons cult? Do you love your fashionable stripe wearing, print glaring, and playful color blocking garments, but are done spending a ridiculous amount of money? Or are you the type of person who’s interested in J.Crew, but just wont splurge and spend the high-priced money? Well, as rumor states J.Crew announced that they are launching a lower priced line called, J.Crew Mercantile. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Mercantile will feature merchandise and prices closer to what shoppers would find at J.Crew Factory and what is available in its full-line stores.” Similar to what Mickey Drexler, J.Crew’s CEO did when he worked for GAP, he introduced Old Navy and its success took off. J.Crew Mercantile will be very similar to what Mickey Drexler did with Old Navy, having the stores located in regional malls and closer to the actual stores then where the outlet stores are located. Lets just say, we hope that this rumor happens as another report from fashionista.com states that a rep for the retailer mentioned that, “It was too early to comment on the trademarked name”, and now the company is proclaiming that the J.Crew Mercantile could turn out to be just a registered name. Cross our fingers that J.Crew goes forward and brings us all a great new twist to the brand!

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