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Ryan Fitzpatrick Set To Hit The Open Market After No Deal With Jets

Photo by Sports World Report

Ryan Fitzpatrick set to hit the open market after reaching to no deal with the New York Jets.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport said the sides are far apart on a potential deal. A shocking decision made by general manager Mike Maccagnan, who said that he and coach Todd Bowles want Fitzpatrick back as the starting quarterback. It came at the time Sam Bradford signed a massive deal with Eagles worth $36 million in total.

The quarterback position is changing in the NFL compared to other years. Now the average salary is around $20 to $22 million a year. If there is one thing commonly said in the NFL is that teams need a quarterback to be successful. What they don’t know is that even a game managing quarterback with a great defense can win a Super Bowl, just as it was displayed in Super Bowl 50.

Fitzpatrick no doubt has been the best quarterback for the Jets since Joe Namath. He had a career year and broke franchise records set by past quarterbacks. The Jets are playing the game of seeing who would actually give $15 to $18 million a year for a journeyman quarterback. In time both sides may come to a deal soon. But what is plan B for the Jets if they don’t reach a deal for the future of the franchise?

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