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Ryan Leslie Releases New Album From His Own App


Artist, singer and creative genius Ryan Leslie recently sat down with Forbes to speak about the recent release of his lifetime concept album, MZRT – where Ryan will be releasing a new song every month for the rest of his life.

MZRT is solely distributed through Ryan’s mobile app, Disruptive Media/SUPERPHONE. Through this app, Ryan is able to personally interact with his fans through texting, video conferencing, personal phone calls and more eliminating the gap between him and his audience.  Feel free to contact Ryan yourself at (915) 600-6978.

Ryan’s lifetime album, MZRT, is distributed through a variety of tiers – each at a different price point. Each tier offers his supporters something additional from the previous one, ranging anywhere from a private jet ride with Ryan himself to receiving a text once a month with each new song added to the MZRT  lifetime album.

Ryan also spoke with SWAY In The Morning about his lifetime concept album and his new technology.

For more information on Ryan’s lifetime album MZRT, click here: mzrt.com/

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