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Ryan “Styles” Clark


By Juwan Williams


Ryan “Styles” Clark has always been into fashion.  When he was just a kid his mother set the fashion bar for him. While in college working towards a career in the medical field he realized that he had a deep passion for fashion. A college friend convinced him take a leap of faith and pursue his passion. In college Ryan got his first experience as a stylist working as a member of the brand team for a Neiman Marcus store. Ryan moved from Texas to New York and has completely transformed himself into a reputable stylist and brand ambassador. Ryan uses his social media platform High Fashion Living as a way to influence men and women, on fashion, lifestyle and travel.


Where are you from?


I was born and raised in Texas, so that will always be home to me. When I first moved to New York in 2014 it was a completely different world, I felt isolated. After living in New York a while I developed a huge network that would help me in this industry.


What do you do?


I would say that I am a brand consultant and social media influencer. I consult with different brands and publications and bring to life their visions. I also produce fashion, travel, and editorial pieces.


When did you launch High Fashion Living?


2012, it all started off as highfashionmen.com. After focusing on the male audience we decided to cover more content. With the changes that were made; we included women’s lifestyle and fashion.


How did you enter the fashion industry?


I got my start in the industry when I was in college. I worked on the brand team for Neiman Marcus. Shortly after realizing my passion for being a stylist, I began to style some of the college athletes on campus. I got my “Big Break” when a few of those athletes went professional and heightened my clientele.


What inspires your fashion styles?


For me when I’m working with people I access their comfort level. For example, if I were to style Russel Westbrook, or Andre 3000, my creativity wouldn’t be limited. For each person I’m styling it’s all about where they are willing to take their style. When I am working with brands, I blend my personal vision with market research in a way that is innovative but stays true to that brand.


What does “high fashion” mean to you?


High fashion means to me what it means to the rest of the world. It is continuously classic and such a subjective term that cannot be described by one person.


Which is your favorite “high fashion” brand?


As a slim guy I would say that Burberry highly appeals to my creative vision and style the most. Most of the pieces are fitting which isn’t so easy to find. I advocate for other brands such as Givenchy and Balmain which are some of the top faces of “high fashion”


What is your favorite cologne?


Well I can’t give away my secret but my second favorite would be ‘Creed Aventus.’


What is your must have accessory?


Sunglasses definitely! I’m a huge fan of the Tom Ford sunglasses. Anytime there is a new pair, I have to have them.


What is your favorite quote?


“Do well, live well, and dress really well.”

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