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VIDEO: Samir ‘EVOL’ Arghandiwall joins the Arnette Family


American artist acclaimed for his fine artwork, Samir ‘EVOL’ Arghandiwall, has officially joined the growing Arnette Eyewear Family. This eclectic group of music, skate, surf and art personalities all represent the Arnette brand by creating their vision and their own unchartered paths.

Samir’s art is well-known in the world of graffiti, having been involved in crews ranging from East to West for over the course of nearly two decades—creating one of a kind fine art pieces throughout the walls of various cities that one would expect to see in a fine art museum.

Arnette recognizes EVOL’s dedication and talent to his craft and is thrilled to celebrate and collaborate with him on further creative projects to come.

To learn more about the Arnette Eyewear Family click here.

About Arnette

Arnette Eyewear came to life in 1992 in an Orange County garage. Guided by the principle that doing things your way, is the only right way, Arnette sunglasses quickly became the de facto badge for a new generation. Twenty years later, Arnette is found on an eclectic group of personalities from the music, skate, surf and art communities worldwide.

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