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The Scariest Ski Runs In The United States

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During the winter there are a couple of interesting places to go to. One of them is exploring a snowing environment that involves skiing. While skiing is fun to do with a group, there are some scary ones that people try to avoid. If anyone is interested in taking these challenges, check out three scary ski runs.


1. East Wall (Arapahoe Basin, Colorado)

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This is not a simple ski-lift drop off. Try to maneuver towards the teeth of ferocious winds and tough conditions. It is recommended to take the Snorkel route by bootpacking up Willie’s Wide staircase. Make sure to pack up useful surviving tools on this ski run.


2. Christmas Tree (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

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For those that love tree skiing, Christmas Tree may be the right one. This is a vertical, tree-filled section set away from the resort. Basically each skier must descend into the Morningside Park area, take the lift up and drop back down to the resort. A short ski run but worth the price.


3. Spanky’s Ladder (Blackcomb, British Columbia)

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Probably one of the funnest test to take a ski run is Spanky’s Ladder. It’s a long way down through the cliff bands, tight spaces and bowls. Just stick within the line and it becomes a smooth ride.


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