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Scientists Reveal New Technology Idea On Man Going To Mars In 30 Minutes

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Scientists reveal a new technology idea, involving high power lasers to water-thin spacecrafts going at a speed of 174.3 miles per hour.

This was first discovered by Phillip Lubin, a physics professor at the University of California Santa Barbara. He described this process as a way of revolutionizing space travel for the world. This also beats out the speed of light concept if it goes through.

“As an example, on the eventual upper end, a full-scale (50-70 GW) DE-STAR 4 – Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and Exploration – will propel a wafer scale spacecraft with a one meter sail to about 26 percent the speed of light in about 10 minutes,” Lubin was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report according to HNGN. “[It would] reach Mars (1 AU) in 30 minutes, pass Voyager 1 in less than 3 days, pass 1,000 AU in 12 days and reach Alpha Centauri in about 15 years.”

There have been a lot of concerns in terms of time dilation, which was explained in the movie “Interstellar”. This is where time slows down and the body is not accustom to the earth time zone anymore. More reports will be shown throughout months as this can be the future of space traveling with advance technology.

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