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Self Love is the Best Love


As an ode to V-Day, the always entertaining and deliciously well written blog Crunk Feminist Collective released a post on the infallible and infamous subjects of love, us (women) and what society doth protest about it all. However you plan to spend Valentine’s day, let us remember that it is a holiday that celebrates love and all its forms, romantic, platonic, heterosexual, homosexual,  and dare we say, most importantly, self-love.

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day there is an app on Facebook that predicts your perfect marriage date based on the median age your Facebook friends have gotten married.  Based on the test my target date for marriage was 4 years, 9 months and 8 days ago.  I guess I have failed in the romantic love/marriage department.

The test reminded me of the looks of concern and scorn I get from some family members at holidays when  I arrive home, again, without a boo-thang on my arm, and when a fish dream doesn’t reveal that I been “f*cking on the low” (Drake).  No one says anything but I can sense their bewilderment, concern, disbelief and disappointment that cute and smart as I am I can’t get/keep a man to save my life…”

Finish reading here: http://www.crunkfeministcollective.com/2014/02/11/self-love-is-the-best-love/


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