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Shopping Done Right.


Ever stuck in a predicament when you want a product so bad but you don’t want to spend your whole pay check on it? Don’t you wish there was an app that had the latest fashion,tech, or decor or any category of products and the pricing history so you know when you can get the best deal? There is an app for all this, all of your shopping problems will be solved just by downloading ShopAdvisor. This app can be downloaded via app store on iPhone or GooglePlay on an android.

       This app will ask you common questions when first downloaded just to get to know your shopping pattern and what kind of products have your heart and which don’t. This helps the app know what to show in your feed on your home page. After you answer the questions, you are able to search whichever merchandise you want or you can browse through the items in your feed on your home page. Once you click on the item you can see the product details, what retail brand is selling the chosen product for the lowest price and the pricing history. Also you can turn on an alert so you can be notified when it is the best time to purchase this item based on the price.  Also the merchandise you put an alert on are in the “My Loves” section in the “Watching” part once your press “My Loves” on the bottom of the page.Besides the items you can choose from, there are collections to choose from. Once you click on the cover of the collection you will able to see all the products within that category in that collection.

        When you see an item you love but can’t buy at the moment you can save it in “My Loves” segment so the product is always there whenever your wallet is ready for a splurge. This app will solve all of your shopping problems and make your spending worth while and not your whole paycheck.

By Ashley Ching

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