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Sit Down Talk With Rising Group ‘Glamour’


The Bleu crew sits down with the rising group ‘Glamour’ of Kaylan, Moriah and Ydal talking about their careers  together moving forward.

What made you guys come up with the name?

Kaylan: Actually our creative director came up with our name Glamour. But when we say Glamour, we want to make something more than an outside appearance. Usually when people think of Glamour, they think of the gits and glam and the makeup. When they say glamour, we want them to think about the internal. What makes you different, what makes you stand out.

Moriah:We also promote self-confidence. Whatever you want to do, like you want to be a doctor or lawyer or singer, just whatever you want to do go for it and just be confident with who you are.

So how has it been being signed to Kandi? What is the experience been like?

Moriah: It’s been a great experience because she was a former member of the group Xscape. She has a lot of insight when it comes to girl groups that she can past on to us, so we don’t make the same mistakes. She writes, she’s a business women so we look up to her in many aspects. She’s a great person and we love her.

What connection did you have with each other prior to being in the group?

Kaylan: We all came together at AGI entertainment, which is an entertainment company in Atlanta and she is the founder and our manager Natarsha Garcia. We all came to AGI, but we came at different times and we came for different reasons. When Moriah came to AGI she wanted to be a singer. When Ydal came to AGI she wanted to be dancer and when I came to AGI I wanted to be an actress. But the unique thing about AGI is that she makes us do all three. When you come you can’t just stick to one, you have to do all three. We all merge into singing and our strengths are better together and that’s how we form Glamour in 2012.

Moriah: We still also use the aspects that we came in, like we dance while we sing. Also we can act so it brings a whole new dynamic to the group.

Who would say are your top influences in terms of making music cause you were most influenced by Kelly Rowland as an idol. Have you guys reached out to her?

Moriah: Ummm no, but that was a great experience from X factor when she gave us that big compliment on being related to Destiny’s Child. We still go by that today. We are still striving to be that, but some great advice she did give us when we left X factor. She said Destiny Child did some star search, but look where they are now. Because we didn’t win X factor, she was encouraging us to keep going. So that’s what we are doing and hopefully we will be household names like they are.

What makes you unique as a group. You guys all gel together in everything that you do. What’s so special about that compared to other groups?

Moriah: We do different things. We are into makeup, we are into hair. We are getting into writing, we are learning about producing like paying attention to the studio while our engineer is doing this. Ask some questions and we’re trying to be more inform. We are trying to be well round artists.

You form the group in 2012. Over the past four years, what’s different in your life now than it was then?

Ydal: One thing we are home schooled. We go to school online. Before we all went to public school, that was one of the sacrifices we made. We work a lot, like compare to other kids our age we are on a completely different age. We go to AGI three times a week. Workout for like 30 minutes to an hour and work on our set. Workout while singing and just work, work, work, work. We have to balance our school and then like interviews and shows so yeah.

Kaylan: Also I think our sound has mature because back then we would sing about whatever. Now we are getting into the R&B side and really talking about things that people our age are going through.

Now you guys are a young group. Have you listen to past groups like the Jackson Five, Hip Hop gangs in general? How long do you want this group to last?

Ydal: However it’s meant to be. We just want the Glamour group to last forever. Even if we separate and then we come back and separate again, it’s always going to exist. Glamour will never be forgotten.

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