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Smartphone Security: Crusta Phone Cases



Those milliseconds that it takes for your phone to plummet to the ground literally stops your heart sometimes. Scramming to pick it up from its fallen fate and praying for a crack free screen when you turn it right side. I’m sure we’ve all been there, one drop closer to that fatal crash and shatter.


Cursta phone cases offers the ultimate protection for your smart device. It’s unique multi-layered design is unlike any other. The inclusions of intricate functionality puts Crusta cases a step ahead of other cases.

The Scoop on Crusta


1. Its multi-layered smart phone case with a tempered glass backing that includes 4 layers of pure protection.Crusta Phone Cases04-BleuMagazine

2. Crusta comes with Amzer‘s Kristal Tempered Glass Screen Protector that is detailed with 3-D Bevelled edges that provide maximum touch sensitivity and a clear adhesive for HD clarity.

3. Crusta‘s hard shell layer is the core of the Crusta system. Integrated with 1.1 mm thick protective tempered glass backing and a combination of protective materials your device can be stylish and secure.


4. With it outer layer made up of a highly impact resistant thermo-plastic rubber materials and cushioned by nano air technology your device will be protected from a 6 foot drop.

5. Available in 42 color combinations, and its inclusion of a 360 degree swivel belt clip allows Crusta Cases to fit into everyone’s life.



Check out the Crusta phone cases and the rest of Amzer‘s product offerings on there site linked here.


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