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Smooth Shaving: Kiehl’s Has You Covered


A clean shaven face and healthy skin goes hand in hand. Combatting rough winter winds, and making sure your skin is always hydrated while still looking as smooth as possible is a lot to worry about but Kiehl’s has all of you grooming need covered.



Step 1: Prepping the Skin

In order to make sure that your skin is prime before you get to shaving exfoliating and cleansing is a MUST. Bringing the hair follicles to the surface of skin with an exfoliated is crucial for a close shave keeping ingrown hairs far from your face. Following us the exfoliating process, and quick invigorating cleanse will help to awaken the skin and ensure a germ free shave preventing any bacterial bump or those dreaded pimples form arising.


Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub $20-$26, Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash $8-$30

Step 2: Shave Central

Having the perfect shaving tool on your side is key to achieving a precise shave. Making sure that you have a razor that you can maneuver with ease will only make your shave process that much more swift. Coinciding with the perfect tool, making sure that you have the security of a butter soft shave cream for some added glide will really turn you process into a craft.


Ultimate Man Razor $85, Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream-White Eagle $9-$24

Step 3: Sealing the Deal

After your skillfully executed shave you have to make sure that you keep the your skin looking as pristine as possible. Closing off your pores is the first piece to this step. After shaves really ensure that the skin is calmed and mellowed back down after the stripping process of shaving. Making sure that your pores are close off form natural air toxins is really essential. Following up the after shave application maintaining a moisture balance with the proper moisturizer is the final step.


Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief $27.50, Facial Fuel Moisturizer $25-$42 

Backed with the Kiehl’s and their proper product arsenal, shaving is made simple by flawlessly executing these three steps. For product details and sensitive skin alternatives check out Kiehl’s website.

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