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So… Clinton or Trump?

via CNN

As it stands right now, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are essentially tied on important issues that voters care deeply about: illegal immigration, race relations, the economy, etc. This is not boding well for either campaign whatsoever.

In the light of the scandal involving Clinton’s secret emails, and the subsequent lack of action done to penalize her, 67% of voters now consider Clinton to be untrustworthy, as found in a recent poll conducted by the Times, a number that is five percentage points higher than before the FBI decided against pursuing the matter. This only reinforces Trump’s caricature of Clinton as being “crooked” and not to be trusted to be in charge of the government. However, results show that voters don’t exactly find him trustworthy either.

Be that as it may, results from the same poll showed that while Trump and Clinton are too close for comfort on many important issues, there is at least one thing that Clinton succeeds at- race relations. Trump’s xenophobic platform, along with many of the beliefs he has voiced time and time again, has many voters uneasy about the possible outcomes of a future with a President Trump.

Trump still trails Clinton by a mere six percentage points. That lead, while tiny, has been very consistent. Only time will tell what happens now. Each candidate will be at their respective party’s national conventions in the upcoming weeks: the Democratic National Convention is held July 25-28, and the Republican National Convention runs from the 18th to 21st.

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