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Songwriter Antonio Ramsey Debuts Music Video ‘All Night Long’

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South Florida songwriter Antonio Ramsey debuts his single, “All Night Long,” which is a music video directed by Hyperview Filmz on the website.


“The scenic music video was inspired by the soulful yet rugged-mannish feel of the song,” says Antonio. “As soon as I heard the guitar riff that plays the record in, it just felt sexy with that classic throwback-feel to it,” mentions Antonio. “Then of course the Hennessy and cranberry kicked in, giving us the melody “Imma give that girl this d***” and from there the song just fell into place,” he chuckles. “The song is on the premise of how us as men should be upfront with a woman without sugar-coating what we want and how women should do the same.”


Ramsey is part of the conceptual new genre, “Funk Trap” that is going to become a thing for the future. He currently on the “All Night Long” promotional tour making stops at New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC and other cities. His debut EP set to be released later this Fall. Till then watch the music video below:




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