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Sony Introduced New Xperia Ear For Phone Users

Sony Xperia Ear

At the Mobile World Congress technology show in Barcelona, Sony introduced a new Xperia ear for phone users.

This give users a virtual assistant as it comes closer to the artificial intelligence experience since the movie Her. Sony hasn’t been successful over the past few years. They rank outside the top 10 bestselling smartphone brands and took a 27 percent drop in smartphone shipments last year. Bu the Xperia ear can elevate it’s stocking over others.

It features a proximity sensor, informing a wireless linked Android smartphone when it’s in the user’s ear. It also gives the option to respond to voice commands for internet searches, directions on a map and message dictations. The battery life is up to three-and-a-half-hours. This gives users more freedom from the hands and eyes, while it still has challenges to overcome.

To be attractive to large numbers of users the voice processing will need to be excellent and it will need to work with a wide range of apps and functions on the phone,” said Martin Garner from the CCS Insight consultancy according to BBC News.

Look out for more devices from Sony showing their growth of the company to the public.

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