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What has Soul-Genius James Blake Been Up To?

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“It’s always the quiet ones,” they say. Artist James Blake may look unobtrusive and subdued, but he most certainly makes quite a bit of noise with his unique craft. His unexpected soul flavor submerges his listeners into worlds of emotions, scenery, and a sense of shocking relatability. Speaking to feelings of loneliness and solitude and all other things LIFE, James Blake has contoured soul music with a contemporary twist.

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He has conquered the skill of creating an over all sense of continuity and cohesiveness through out an entire album. Whether his poetic lyrics speak to heartbreak or elation, Blake never misses the ball. His gentle voice fused with elements of auto-tune, over his tight beats paint the ultimate picture, and put everyone in their feelings. Much like his music idol, Stevie Wonder, Blake can seamlessly transition from an uptempo banger to a sultry serenade, displaying his undeniable sense of versatility.

As the originator of Dubstep & Lyrical Genius, this Brit has made quite the name for himself within the international music industry. Catching the attention of Music “God”, Kanye West, has been one of Blake’s biggest breakthroughs. Rumored collaborations between the two masters have surfaced for the release of Blake’s 3rd Album, projected to be release sometime in the near future.

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James Blake is definitely one to keep your eyes out for.


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