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Four Most Talked About Beefs In Hip Hop History

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In the hip-hop world where everyone talks about each other, there have been beefs between rappers. Sometimes they are based on the stupidest things. Other times it may just be personal or for attention. But the entertainment value is through the roof for that like diss songs between artists. Here are four of the most talked about beefs in the history of hip-hop.


Soulja Boy and Chris Brown


The feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown all started over a social media incident. Chris Brown challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing fight because he like an Instagram photo of Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche. Some bet their money on Brown and it might be interesting fight.


Drake and Meek Mill


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It all started with Meek Mill calling out Drake for not supporting his album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” and accused him of using ghost writers. Mill went on a rant and then Drake responded with a diss track titled “Charged Up” during a Beats 1 OVO Sound radio episode. Eventually Mill loss due to his terrible track “Wanna Know,” which was unimpressed by fans, and thus making Drake the winner.


Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel


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In 2001, the beef between them started when Jadakiss thought Beanie Sigel was taking subliminal digs at him in some of the lyrics. That wasn’t the case, but Jada did a diss in his hometown at the annual Powerhouse Concert in Philadelphia in 2001. Then Bernie did his own freestyle diss and it went back and forth, until they squashed it later on.


Biggie and Tupac


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One of the most infamous rap beef between Biggie and Tupac started out as friends, then became enemies later on. Tupac was robbed and shot five times in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios, and accused Biggie of being involved. Biggie strike back with the song “Who Shot Ya?,” which he claimed was recording prior to the shooting. Fans started to see this as a diss and Tupac responded with two songs: “Hit Em Up” and “Against All Odds.” However, the rivalry was never squashed.

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