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Space Jam Turns 20 Today!!

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It’s been 20 years since Space Jam came out in theaters, and still a classic to this day.


Michael Jordan as the star of the film provide entertainment and excitement for the kids and families. He even had an impact on the whole world as well, especially with Looney Tunes being part of it.


Let’s face it the whole cast for the film was great in a sense that the NBA players did a good job missing shots when their skills was taken. It must be hard to miss shots on purpose when players need to be perfect for the season.


Still no one can argue that Space Jam is still one of the best basketball movies ever. It had the greatest player of all-time, which speaks for itself on people still talking about Jordan after retiring from basketball. Relive a great scene from the movie when they won the game against the Monstars.


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