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Sporty Afros : Where hair and sports collide


Spring is definitely in the air and once that nice weather comes about, getting that summer body into shape, amping up our wardrobes and giving ourselves somewhat of a makeover definitely runs through our minds quickly then we expect. Our friends at Sporty Afros has all the help us women need to achieve optimal heath between hair care, exercise and nutrition. If you read below, SportyAfros.com explains how they got started, as well as why their hair care is what you need to keep your hair healthy and looking good while breaking a sweat! No more using your hair as an excuse as to why you cannot workout! Ditch the whining, complaining and worrying and check out SportyAfros.com to watch tutorials, read articles, helpful tips, hair solutions, workouts and nutritional facts to keep your hair continuously healthy.

What is SportyAfros.com and what motivated you to start the company?
SportyAfros.com helps black women achieve optimal health by being the first site to connect the dots between hair care, exercise and nutrition. Sporty Afros has been featured on sites like Essence, Fox Sports, Black America and USA Triathlon. Co-founders Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams, named hair and fitness experts for “Today’s Active Black Woman”, keep busy with national speaking engagements, hosting workshops and expanding the first hair care line specifically tailored for active women.
We started Sporty Afros in 2010 while training for our first triathlon. Whenever we were in the gym, women (especially black women) would ask us what we were doing with our hair, what our training regimen was, how we were staying fit and looking cute, etc. We started a blog just to answer their questions, then realized there were limited resources women could go to find answers. So we started the site, posted tons of content and started spreading the word about Sporty Afros.

How do you wear your hair during the gym? Any tips?
It depends on the season and our training schedule. Mostly we wear our hair in curly fros but we switch it up with braids, twists or rocking it straight. We love updos, especially the “Janelle Monae.” Any style that is quick and fuss-free is a plus. We also love wigs (we both have a decent-sized collection). They are quick and easy to throw on after a tough workout!
Our favorite general tip to recommend is to do a mini hot oil treatment while working out. Simply add a few drops of your favorite oil to your hair and scalp, put on a plastic shower cap, a scarf or wide elastic headband, and a hat and go workout. Your body heat gently warms the oil, which allows it to penetrate your scalp. After your workout, proceed with your regular wash routine. This not only saves you time, but it’s great for your body and hair!
With kinky, curly hair, it’s best to focus on protecting your hair when working out. We recommend pulling it back and tucking away the ends to prevent tangling and breakage. You can cover it with a scarf or a hat as well.
Since the salt from your sweat dries out your hair, post-workout hair care should focus on adding moisture.

Many women train before work or during lunch breaks. What advice can you give to those with no time to wash their hair after a workout?

Plan ahead.

Plan A – A Quick Hairstyle: Always have at least one to two quick, simple hairstyles you can do in under 10 minutes. We have a few on our youtube channel and site but topknots, Janelle Monae’s signature doo and Nicole Marie Melton’s signature bun are our top three favorites styles.

Plan B – Buy A Hair Style: When in doubt, always have a great wig on standby. Half wigs are a great option when you have only two minutes to style your hair. Choose a half wig that is similar to your current hair texture. There are several half wigs we love at various beauty supply stores and most are under $50.

You ladies look fabulous! Can you both tell us more about your hair regimes?
We have two different textures so our hair regimens are a bit different.

Whitney: By now I have my hair regimen down to a science. First, I pre-poo with Sporty Afros Ayurvedic oil for 15 – 30 minutes. Then, I wash my hair with Nothing But Clarifying shampoo. Next, I deep condition with Nothing But Intense Healing Mask. I detangle my hair while it has conditioner on it. Then, I let the conditioner sit for an hour. After I rinse it out, I moisturize my hair with Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray and Obia Naturals Curl Moisture Cream. Then, I add a bit of Obia Naturals Curling Custard and let it air dry.

Alex: Because my hair is tightly coiled, I have to focus on being gentle while manipulating my hair. First, I use Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil for a hot oil treatment. Then, I wash my hair with TGIN Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Next, I follow up with an intensive homemade deep conditioner using TGIN and the Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment by Hydratherma Naturals. While that’s on my hair, I detangle and follow up and let it sit for a while. After I rinse my hair, apply the TGIN leave-in conditioner. Then, I use Natty Butty by All Things O’Natural to moisturize and style my coils.

What are some of the products you are currently carrying in your gym bag?
Here are a list of items we always have in our gym bags: Polar Heart rate F7 monitor, tons of hair accessories such as headbands and hair pins, Under Armour blackout hat, phone or ipod arm holder, bpa water bottle, Asics and Reebok shoes and a toiletry bag full of sample sizes of your favorite products such as Curls, TGIN , Sporty Afros, Obia Naturals and Beautiful Textures.

What are your go-to hair products?
Alex: All things O’Natural Natty Butter, Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil and G+ Moisturizing spray, Hydratherma Naturals Deep Conditioning Treatment and the entire line from TGIN.
Whitney: Obia Naturals Curling Custard and Moisture Cream, Eco Styler Gel, Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil and G+ Moisturizing Spray.

What’s the biggest misconception or excuse you hear regarding women and their hair?
They can’t workout because it will mess up their hair style. That’s not necessarily true. We have tons of workout hair care solutions on our website. Another thing we ask women is what’s most important to them – their health or their hair?

What’s the biggest mistake women make regarding their hair care in relation to working out?
One of the biggest mistakes women make in regards to taking care of their hair is using too much heat on their hair after working out and not replenishing the hair with moisture.

Keep up with the ladies of SportAfro.com by following them on twitter @SportyAfros and instagram @SportyAfros & follow Alex @alexandriawill.

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