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Stalley’s Long Awaited Album Release Set for Oct. 27th



The wait is soon to be over. After signing to MMG (Maybach Music Group) in 2011, and making several appearances on mix-tapes, and featured singles, Stalley is finally putting out his first album. Over the three years he’s been on the MMG label, he’s been fueling the fire for his soon to be release album titled, OHIO.

No, he’s not as loud spoken as “Hotboy” Meek Mill, or as poetic and sultry as Wale, but he most definitely offers a completely unique dynamic to the MMG label. Over the past three years, Stalley has remained diligent in his craft and really stuck to his passions as an artist despite being over looked. Remaining humble and working on refining himself as an artist, Stalley continued to ‘wait it out’ and leave his music to be appreciated by mix-tape connoisseurs and lyric lusting listeners, until the world was ready.

Kicking off his album promotion, Stalley shared his new work this past Monday, October 6th, at Cooper’s Classic Collections in the Village. Bringing the feel of Ohio Trunk Music with a touch of sophistication to Manhattan, the venue featured a few classic cars that set the stage for his highly anticipated arrival in his cobalt colored classic Cadillac. After a few snapshots, the showroom garage door rolled down and the preview began. Seeming more than humble, Stalley rolled right into a few of his songs.

Described as one of his, “favorite records on the project,” Stalley segued into his single titled ‘Problems’ with a little tidbit explaining the motivation and inspiration behind this song. He spoke about his frustrations and troubles with getting to the point where he could release an album and struggles he faced in his personal life that aided in prolonging this long awaited release.

The turn out for this listening party was great and the reception of his well-crafted album was well received. Be sure to get your copy of OHIO set to release October 28th.

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