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Who Is The Last Jedi In The Next Star Wars Movie?

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Yesterday, the Star Wars website revealed its title on the next movie. The title was revealed on Star Wars’ official Twitter channel, and it looks promising.



The questions everyone is trying to answer is who is the last Jedi? Well there are two ways in which the director may tell this story. One of them is having Rey be the last Jedi, which means Luke Skywalker might die. It would make sense in which he’s older, wiser and much more powerful. He believes that his time is almost up and needs to past his teachings to a young apprentice like Rey. Now the downside is it would be predictable, but at least it says goodbye to the original Star Wars cast. Rey would be considered the last Jedi and have pressure to bring others along.


Another possible story idea is Rey being turned to the dark side and betraying Skywalker. She goes with Kylo Ren and they start to rule the galaxy. It would be a dark turn as the cast said this a much darker film. Fans then would relate it to the Empire Strikes Back, but no one expects the franchise to do that. Then the next film would be centered on Rey coming back to the light side, like Darth Vader did in “Return of the Jedi.” Still nothing is said on the story itself. Everyone will have to wait in the next few months and when the first trailer is revealed, questions will be answer.

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