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STEP the Movie: What Dreams Are Made Of.


Every couple of years a movie comes along that truly brings you in and makes you feel every emotion that the cast is feeling; STEP the movie is one of those films. Following the last year of high school of three young woman from Baltimore, Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger, and Tayla Solomon, STEP takes you on a journey with them each trying to become to the first ones in their family to attend college, to stepping for their lives. Luckily, BleuLife Media CEO + Founder, DeVon Johnson and I got to talk to the ladies about the movie and their lives since filming, and we were truly blown away.


Because the movie did expose so much of the ladies’ personal life, we wanted to know if there were any hesitations about exposing their lives to the world, and having a camera follow them around 24/7. “I want people to know that the cameras didn’t mess up anything, or stretch any information. Of course, we very vulnerable, but we had trust in the camera crew, and they were respectful of our time, and what we wanted to be shown, but we knew it was our job to get to college and deal with all our adversities that we face in Baltimore.” Taylor said. Cori then added “Anything that happened in the movie would have happened with or without the camera, so it was pretty natural.”


Although the film mainly focuses on these three ladies, they understand it took many people to get them to the position they are in today.  Cori stated, “I would like to see everybody on their individual success plan, whether that’s college or hair school, but I hope everyone understand the importance of mentorship, and giving back to where you came from because none of us would be where we are without someone pouring into us.” Tayla followed up with “Years from now, everyone will be living their separate lives, but we can all come back together to give each other’s kids jobs and internships, and give back to the community. That’s what it’s all about.”


When asked about what they would like movie goers to take away from the film, Blessin said, “I just want people to know, never let what you’re going through define where you’re going because it isn’t where you begin, it’s about where you finish that really matters.”


It’s obvious to see that these young women will reach for the stars in all aspects of their life, and will continue to be an inspiration to so many people around the world, because they sure were for me. Be sure to check out STEP the movie when it hits theaters on August 4th!


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