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A Step In the Right Direction: GREATS Shoe Company Growth

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Cultivated here in New York in the beating borough of Brooklyn, and made with fine value and Italian craftsmanship, GREATS, men’s footwear brand is really on the come up. After getting its start back in 2012 the uniquely structured business has made some distinctive power moves here in early 2015, setting its feet in the right direction for success.


The crushing reality leading to the failure of most startup businesses is usually the result of a lack of money. Funding projects and other quirky ventures have recently become “a thing to do”, thanks to websites like, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Working on a larger scale basis and really growing a brand calls for a little bit more than just a couple of clicks and dollar donations. Seeking the help of investors for venture capital and funds calls for a business model that is both believable and jet-set for success. GREATS unique business success has helped them raise $4 Million in Series A funding this year to help grow their business in the areas of operations, employment team building, merchandise expansion and a location for their flagship.


With the new growth plans in place, GREATS is projected to make around six to eight million dollars this year, which most certainly is a huge upsurge  from their previous profit margin. GREAT is also looking to break into the wholesale territory this spring with by partnering up with Mr. Porter while still promising its same value and customer-considerate vertical retailing strategy intact.

Aside from all their business buzz, GREATS will also be introducing their 5th silhouette next month- it’s not just about elevating their operation this year. This new style is a finer version of a traditional running shoe that will be handcrafted in Italy with leather trims.

Be sure to check out their site, and keep track of all their latest moves.



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