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Stephen Curry’s Historic Night Lifted Warriors Over Thunder In OT

Curry's Historic Night

“Honestly, I don’t know exactly where I am, so it’s not like I’m calibrating in my head, all right, 38 feet, 37, 36,” Stephen Curry said according to ESPN. “Just literally, you’ve got a sense of — I’ve shot the shot plenty of times, you’re coming across half court and timing up your dribbles, and you want to shoot before the defense goes in. And that was pretty much my only thought.”

Curry feels the same way as many other fans on the shocking performance displayed in the 121-118 overtime win against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The game itself was an instant classic, possibly in the discussion as the game of the year. Curry put up 12 three pointers, tying the record with Kobe Bryant for the most threes in one game. He also broke his own record of threes made in a season 287, still counting with less than 25 games remaining in the season. Some of his teammates know how he can shoot the ball with limitless range.

“Everybody in this locker room, we’ve seen him practice from that range every day,” Thompson said. “He’s got the greatest range I’ve ever seen. He makes it look so effortless.”

The Warriors are currently 53-5 in 58 games. They become the first team this season to clinch a playoff berth since the 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers did it in February. The Thunder are stunned with the way they loss. They almost closed the deal in the 4th quarter if it weren’t for a turnover caused by Kevin Durant. Both Durant and Russell Westbrook played at the highest level against a great team like the Warriors.

No one thought they can compete with the Warriors with the ISO basketball system. Despite them falling short in a heartbreaking loss, they still might be the only team talent-wise capable of beating the Warriors in seven games.

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