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STORKS Review: A Fun, Family & Adult Film Thanks To Andy Samberg

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When Andy Samberg got the role for the “STORKS” movie, I thought it was great for his career. So much comedy Samberg has done since his early years on Saturday Night Live. Well, looking into this movie with a solid cast, intriguing story, and laughable moments, it provides a fun, family & adult entertaining experience that will make you think why storks aren’t doing this right now.

The story of the film centers around Junior (Andy Samberg), and life without delivering babies to families. All of the storks are delivering packages instead, until a very trouble girl name Tupie (Katie Crown) suddenly turns Junior’s world upside when a baby comes out of a letter (very strange when you see it), and puts them on an impossible task. Basically they go an adventure to deliver the baby in time before their boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) finds out.

The actions scenes during the film are great in a sense that it pertains to Samberg’s jokes and the characters around it. Sometimes when he speaks, it’s like looking at him on “Brooklyn Nine Nine” or “Hot Rod” expressing his deep, deep feelings.

Crown definitely sounded like an annoying little brat, but played it well as much as her other roles. Both are like parents of the baby, proving very good and sad moments. Hunter reminds everyone the boss trying to crack a joke in front of his employees, almost using this approach to look cool.

Still some of the best action scenes from the film were the appearances of Key and Peele, when they were the wolfs. Boy how so many teamwork moments in front of Junior and Tupie were like how is that even possible or really? They definitely need to make another film pertaining to them. But they need to have more time for the film. It felt really short with limited explanation as far as background stories on the characters.

Overall, if you like storks and Samberg, this is a good movie to see. Funny moments, adult jokes, and a little bit of Key and Peele, equals solid film for the start of Fall.

Review Score – 7.5 out of 10

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