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‘Straight Outta Compton’ Star Jason Mitchell Believes Fans Will Be Excited Watching ‘Kong: Skull Island’

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(Spoiler Alert – answers and questions are related to the film.)


Jason Mitchell is slowly becoming a star in the entertainment world. After his smash hit performance playing as Easy E in “Straight Outta Compton,” he now plays a warrant officer name Glenn Mill in the new movie “Kong: Skull Island.” One of the bigger franchises in America pick Mitchell to be part of this action movie, and it may turn out to be great. We talked with Mitchell on his role, the cast and what fans should expect from the movie.


Q: How did you go from Easy E to playing as a warrant officer in the new Kong movie?


A: Actually it was definitely something kind of refreshing to do because I kind of had the weight of the world on my shoulders when I did Easy E. And of course I’m playing a real life person so I have so many things that I need to stick with, but playing Mill it kind of let me put me a little bit more into a character. Luckily for me my character has a lot of natural and instinctive responses to a lot of things. He likes that guy who’s like ‘you know I’m not the smartest or sharpest tool in the shed, but maybe going to do some weird mission after we just survive the world isn’t the best idea.’ He’s kind of that guy and these are things that most people think naturally. Maybe I don’t want to encounter a 100 foot ape. He was kind of that character that was just fresh air.


Q: Did you have to get in shape for this role?


A: Actually I didn’t have to, I didn’t have to. I kind of played sports my whole life and things like that. When I found out about this film and I knew we were gonna be doing all these different army things and flying helicopters, it’s a full board dog movie. I been waiting my whole life for this to unload an M16 and not kill anyone and not go to jail. It was so dope, but we did some military, weapons and helicopters training. It was the time of my life.


Q: Were you a big fan of the King Kong franchise before you got the role?


A: Definitely because not just a filmmaker, but when you’re a kid at home just watching this methodical kind of creature you’re like wow. It’s next level because he’s the one monster you can resonate with, like you want to hug him by the end of the movie. If you saw him in person you’ll be like ‘please sir don’t come any closer to me,’ you know what I mean. It was always fascinating to me, but I also had a lot of questions like why don’t they have any other ones, and all these other types of questions that critics have. It was actually kind of cool to be actually apart of the film that clears a lot of these questions for people and stuff like that.


Q: So what is it like being on set with Samuel and Tom along with the cast?


A: It was refreshing. At first I was really really really nervous, and I didn’t know how to proceed what was really happening. I can’t calibrate myself on that level to be like ‘yeah I deserve to be here with Samuel Jackson that such a dumb thing to say.’ When I met him he totally broke the ice. He made the okay with the path that I am on and really rooted me on. He was kind of a real father figure on set. It was dope to have that.


Q: What was interesting for you about being part of the movie?


A: Well for one I feel like this is epic. They have Kong and they have Star Wars. You don’t go further than that, like big budget wise. This is probably one of the most special characters that’s ever gonna touch. Referring to Kong, your not gonna find anything else like that. To be part of this history my daughter is gonna look at that and be like ‘yo my dad help do that.’  That’s so incredible to me man, so incredible.


Q: Were you scare at all by the creatures you interacted with other than Kong and the Skullcrawlers?


A: Definitely, definitely. I wouldn’t like to take all the credit but they had some monsters that kind of got changed around. They had the idea of having a plant attack me at one time being side trap kind of situation and other things like that. But once they found out my real fear of spiders, this is gonna be pretty epic. It was really really really crazy but it was like second nature when it came to acting it out because I’m scared of small spiders. A huge one one with bamboo legs I mean I’m basically gonna poop myself. I’m gonna fill my boots up with pop juice.


Q: What should viewers expect from this Kong movie compare to the one that came out in 2005?


A: This one you are going to love the characters, not just Kong. You are gonna really be afraid of the monsters. You really gonna be on the edge of your seat. Like I said all those skeptics, like myself, who have really dumb questions are gonna be answered. It feels the closest to actual life than any other kong movie that I’ve seen. He’s also the biggest and scariest, and graphics have come far enough where he’s basically there.



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