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Street Style Series: Clean Slate

In the middle of Broadway Avenue, at the corner of Prince street in SoHo, Manhattan. The Woolworth building is seen from afar. New York, 2009.



Nothing says Spring like crisp white! It’s like a breath of fresh air, a new day, a nice and clean slate. This base pallet works well with just about every color and is a timeless classic. Let’s get the breakdown. 

1) This white on white suit is SOO crisp. The light weight fabric content of this suit will keep you both looking and feeling cool as we start heating up this Spring. The cut of this suit is perfect as well. Falling exactly where it should this blazer is perfectly relaxed on the arms and is accompanied by an appropriately fitted pant (we all know how important pant fits are to us here at Bleu). The slim lapel on the blazer allows this entire look to either be a great business-casual daytime outfit or suave night out get-up.

2)The B L E U is everywhere. While matching pops of color is nice, this look here is showing proof that they don’t all have to be the same hue. The addition of the multi-colored pocket square really helps wrangle in all of the shades of blue. Throwing in a printed shirt was also very well played here. Giving the look an attraction point and breaking up the solidness of the white, this graph like print is a great subtle addition of color and pattern.

3) Eyewear is taking charge this Spring/Summer season. Colored mirrored lenses like the ones shown here are one of the seasons hottest trends. No one’s seeing past his blue tinted shades for sure. Finding the right size and shape glasses is important. While aviators are classic and can be sported all year round, the fit isn’t for everyone. Do some shopping around and really spend sometime when shopping for your perfect fit.

4) Offsetting a look with a slight contrast is a like a little surprise for your admirers. The addition of a black belt was another great way to break up the starkness of the white suit and offer another eye catching color aside from the hues of blue. Black works well with this cool color pallet. Well done, @daneshhanbury (Photo Credit)


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