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Street Style Series: Monochromatic Fanatic

In the middle of Broadway Avenue, at the corner of Prince street in SoHo, Manhattan. The Woolworth building is seen from afar. New York, 2009.



How can you not get inspired by this dope look. Speaking to being refined, simple, and elevated this full navy look is amazing. Let’s get the breakdown.


1) The leather and woolen jacket with silver hardware really help refine this rugged look.

2) The pants are very well fitted. The proper length falling right about the boot and the fit on the leg perfect; not too tight and not too loose.

3) The bag speaks professional city slicker. Matching the navy through out the outfit the Phillip Lim Bag is the perfect accessory setting the tone for this elevated look.

4) The navy chelsea boot is a MUST have in every man’s closet and again, falling right in line with the monochromatic color scheme fantastic.

5) Finally, the complimenting cashmere sweater for that luxurious feel. Softening the stark silver hardware of the jacket, this sweater is the perfect balance for this well paired outfit.

Photo Credit: @visualbypierre

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