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Street Style Series: Simple Seperates

In the middle of Broadway Avenue, at the corner of Prince street in SoHo, Manhattan. The Woolworth building is seen from afar. New York, 2009.


Street Style Series Simple Seperates


“Simplicity provides a fine line between eloquence and plainness.”

-Brown Sugar (2002)

Thank goodness we’re finally getting some decent weather here in the Big Apple. Shedding off the Shearling Coats, and letting go of the layered up Long Johns for some warmer outfit components. Today’s style inspirations is simply just pairing basics together to produce a clean and classic look every single time. Let’s get the breakdown.

1. “YUP, in my white tee!” If you don’t own at least 3 white t-shirts (free of filth and things of that nature) then I recommend you invest. Available in varying necklines like; crew, boat, or v-neck, white-t-shirts are staple pieces that can be added to any outfit. Now gentlemen, DO NOT get these confused with white undershirts, for they are completely different. An actual t-shirt is composited of a quality cotton fabric and is usually a little thicker than an undershirt. If you put your hand underneath one layer of the shirt and you can see the shadow of your hand then it’s too thin to be considered an actual shirt.

2. While we can agree that it has been nice outside, it’s not necessarily short weather. Acting as an alternative to an assortment of jean washes are a pair of khaki pants. Whether they’re more of a green or brown hue, khakis are great bottom options to have. These well fitted and rolled pair of green khakis work well with the crisp white.

3. Shoes are one of the most important parts of an outfit. These Stan Smith‘s shown here are a great way to introduce a trend piece into a classic look. The green accents against the sneakers white upper puts a color twist on an ordinary looking sneakers.

4. Throwing on a pair of statement socks is the perfect way to add in a little personality to a look. Obviously choosing them in appropriation to your outfit needs to be taken into consideration; but statement socks are a hard things to mess up when you’re wearing something this simple.

5. Last, but most certainly not least is the addition of a great hat. This burgundy fedora featured here is the outfits “mood” changer. Giving the look a suave vibe this color  attracts the eye with its intensified richness, that makes it appropriate for any season.

Photo Credit: @visualsbypierre

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