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Street Style Series: The Colorblock Don’t Stop

In the middle of Broadway Avenue, at the corner of Prince street in SoHo, Manhattan. The Woolworth building is seen from afar. New York, 2009.


I know simplicity is something that’s always brought up in this series but it’s something that I hold very near and dear to my fashion driven heart. Even something as minimal as a colorblocked t-shirt can act as an accent piece! Colorblock is a great to play with both line and color within a look and this look does a great job of both. Let’s get the breakdown!

1) Since it’s the focal point of this entire look, let’s begin with this shirt. For starters, this high crew-neck shirt fit’s great. Tight enough to show off the brawn but not too tight to the point where he looks as if he’s wearing was some call a “sme-dium”. The length also falls very appropriately hitting just below his belt line and not too far down past the tush! The two extreme colors featured on the shirt a eye catching and almost give the body a segment– separating the chest and pectoral areas from the lower abdomen region. This technique is great especially when dealing with a look that doesn’t have too many elaborate features. Instead of calling one’s attention to patterns, it alerts a sense of line and shape.

2)The simple black pants paired with the shirt work perfect! The lightly worn-out look gives the pants almost a gray hue– not letting the pants steal the rich essence feature on the shirts upper. You couldn’t possibly do any other fit aside from a slim pant with this look given the great fit of the shirt. Might I add that the cuff on point.

3)You know that old fashion rule of not being able to mix brown and black? Well, Rules-Shmules, that clearly doesn’t apply here. The cognac accents with this Instagrammer’s shoe choice and accessories are another great way to shift his admirer’s attention. The accents are very well broken up, starting with the deep tortoise glasses and black to brown gradient lenses, then followed up by a mid-point featured watch band, and finally the classic cognac boat shoe.

4) If you don’t own a boat shoe now’a’days, then you should probably run to Journey’s and pick yourself up a pair ASAP! They go with everything and can be taken from day to night super easy. And what I love best about them is the fact that they only look better with time. The rugged yet rich leather ages well and looks pretty cool a little banged up.

Well done, @bilal1990 !

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