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Street Style Series: The Urban Classic

In the middle of Broadway Avenue, at the corner of Prince street in SoHo, Manhattan. The Woolworth building is seen from afar. New York, 2009.



Who says you can’t fuse a couple of different style inspirations to make something incredible? We most certainly don’t. This look is a prime example of how a sense of eclecticism in fashion is a great thing to have.  Let’s get the breakdown.


1) A bunch of old sneaker styles are making their way back into the trending fashion of today. The featured Nike Blazers in this picture are most certainly one of them. This high top classic really adds some edge to this look. Offsetting the blues and blacks in this look with the rich red and and crisp white created the perfect accent component to this outfit.

2) This fitted gray button-up is the median color in this entire look. It’s blue undertone help pull together to blue featured in the hate but still allows it to remain cool enough to work well with the jet black jean. The fit of the shirt is spot on as well.

3) Black and white are one of this Spring/Summer’s biggest trends so bringing in a black pant into this season is only right. This slim/skinny fit works very well for with look. The fit is the perfect match up for the meeting of the base of the jean and the narrow top for the high top sneaker; allowing the sneaker to be fully exposed instead of covering it up with a wider fit.

4) I saved my favorite part until last. This hat is literally the personality of this entire outfit. It brings in that component of a classic man to this urban flared look. Adding in another accent color to this look in a subtle way, this corn blue hat with its pale blue ribbon attract the eye immediately.

Well done, @lemar_moda_


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