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Streetwear Meets High Fashion With Fashion Designer Justin Etienne

Photographer: J.D. Chambers

Gleamin’, gleamin’, gleamin’, gleamin’—all of this winning! We’ve been losing our minds over this up-in-coming, Brooklyn-born designer and entrepreneur.


At the age of 17, Justin Etienne made his start in the fashion industry as a production management major at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was there that he began honing his craft, taking sewing and pattern making courses, and collaborating with his friends and mentors. At 20 years old, Etienne has cultivated his own style, masterfully layering different colors and pieces together, grabbing the attention of top fashion publications. During New York Fashion Week FW ‘17 his signature style has been featured in magazines such as Nylon, WWD, Vogue Mexico, and more.


Photographer: J.D. Chambers


Marrying streetwear with high fashion, Etienne is blazing his own trail by creating designs for his self-titled clothing line. His most notable collection is ‘The Gleam Series,’ sequined denim jackets and jeans. His other well-known, unique designs include fabric painting and a multi-colored beaded jacket. Be on the lookout as well because Etienne will soon be launching a jumpsuit collection.


‘The Gleam Series’ | Photographer: A.M. Clarkson

In a new mini-documentary on his YouTube channel it is revealed that beneath the clothes and creativity, Etienne is a humble and genuine human being, attributing his success to his mother and grandmother, as well as his support system. Above all, Etienne wants his clothes to reflect who he truly is. Etienne puts it best: “There’s not a lot of thinking when it comes to creating something from your heart.”


Check out the mini-documentary below to learn more about Justin, his goals and motivations, and the mind behind the genius:

Keep up with Etienne on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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