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The Art of Storytelling with Tobias Truvillion

Episode 216,  The Lyon Who Cried Wolf
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The award-winning actor, philanthropist and newest cast member of Fox TV’s “Empire” discusses his complex character and his passion projects outside of work as he discovered what it’s like to join the number one rated show and hints at how he throws down in the kitchen.


BLEU: What drew you to this character?

TOBIAS: Well, it’s on the number one show out there in America. It was complex and it just drew me in. After being offered the role, once I got into it, I had to get in there and do my homework to discover who he is.

BLEU: Were you already an avid “Empire” viewer tuning in every week like the rest of the world?

TOBIAS: Oh yeah, I love the show. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning. I think even the first season with the way they pulled everyone in with a hard-hitting and different type of storytelling. It’s just something that a lot of people can relate to.

BLEU: You mentioned being offered the role, but was there an official audition process for you?

TOBIAS: Yes, there was still a process for me even though they were considering about two or three other people for the job.

BLEU: What do you think it was about you that stood out and helped you book this role?

TOBIAS: People have been following my career for some time now. I think they saw that I play all kinds of roles. I started in the theater and that’s where people actually got a chance to know my pedigree as an actor. With Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, Jussie Smollett and even now Leslie Uggams, you’ve got a lot a people who are thespians who have been putting in work for a long time and are very seasoned at what they do. For me, they said ‘People may not know his name, but they know the face and we know his work so let’s bring him on board.’

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