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The Inspiration Behind Big Sean’s New ‘Play No Games’ Music Video


If you haven’t seen one single episode, meme, or clip from the 90’s hit show Martin starring comedian Martin Lawrence, then you should probably stop reading right now and go do so. Brining elements of real life problems, comedy and love, the show was and still is one of the more well know shows in the African American community. Brining the 90’s to today, Big Sean used Martin as his muse in his latest video for his single, ‘Play No Games’ featuring  Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign.


The music video parody is actually right up Big Sean’s alley, given Martin’s Detroit setting, which the rapper calls home . The vide feature a re-created set of Martin’s apartment and features actors depicted as the show’s familiar friends such as Gina, Cole, Tommy and Pam. A few cameos by the show’s original characters bring in the nostalgia to the video and really seal the Martin feel. Well done Big Sean. Thanks for bringing up back.

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