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“The King” Lebron James comes back home to reclaim his throne

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By Angel L. Quiles Jr.

The estranged prodigal son of northeast Ohio, Lebron James has decided to take his talents back to the place he developed them, and rejoined the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron in a letter as told to by Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated said, “I’m coming home”, and acknowledged that it will be a process to try and bring the Cavs a championship.

However, Lebron will have some amazing young talent on the Cavs next season. He will be teamed up with first round picks Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Andrew Wiggins. In addition, his former teammate Anderson Varejao will be on the squad. The Cavs also have a myriad of resources in the form of draft picks that were acquired over the four years that LeBron played in Miami. Therefore, the Cavs should be poised to make a significant run to the Finals for the next several years now that “The King” has returned.

What makes LeBron story endearing was the sincerity of his letter to the fans. He admitted that he felt bad for leaving but it’s something he would do again. He called his time in Miami a “college experience” Moreover, LeBron felt that it was his responsibility to show kids, and people that grow up in Ohio that it is an amazing place to live and work. He wants people who study and are innovative who are from Ohio to build businesses there, and develop the state he loves so dearly.

Nevertheless, things were not kosher in Miami, and that is another reason why “The King” is coming home. According to ESPN insider Steven A. Smith “Lebron was worried about the deteriorating health of Dwayne Wade, and was not enamored with playing with Chris Bosh” LeBron has now left those teammates behind for a younger, faster and eager team in which he can help mold. He no longer has to deal with the Batman and Robin scenario, and doesn’t have to cater to the egos of Bosh and Wade. He also has an opportunity to surpass Wade in rings, something that would have never happened had he stayed in Miami. He has no more shadow looming, and his legacy can be enriched by the prospect of bringing Cleveland their first major sports championship since 1964.

Cleveland has now become a major sports market. With the acquisition of the NBA’s brightest star merchandise is sure to fly off the rack. Downtown areas in Cleveland are sure to be rocking again, and not only because of the Rock and Roll hall of fame. The Cleveland Browns have the most intriguing rookie in the game in Johnny “football” Manziel, and the Indians have been playing decent ball the last two seasons.

Not often does a player that hurt so many people, to the point where they burned his jersey in effigy, get a chance to redeem himself. LeBron has that chance. He has the opportunity to prove that he can be the leader he envisions himself being, and not the follower he became. It is his time to end the curse of the Cleveland sports franchises. He is once again “the chosen one” and we are all witnesses.

Angel L. Quiles Jr. is a sports writer from New York, NY. His passion for professional sports was spawned in the school yards of East Harlem. There he learned how to play football, baseball, and basketball. East Harlem is also where he played little league baseball. At the age of twelve he made the 25th precincts police athletic leagues little league all-star team. That team was invited to play against Fort Lee, New Jersey's all-star team in a game at the original Yankee Stadium. The game was covered by Mr. G's show "Care for kids" a community based program on the old WPIX channel 11 in New York City. Angel never made it to the big leagues, but the show and his passion for sports made Angel realize that he didn't have to play the game professionally in order to be around it. He could become a sports writer, be able to cover the drama of sports, and hopefully make a living doing and watching what he loves.

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