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The MLB Needs To Stop Being Soft And Let The Players Police Themselves On Awful Decisions


“It was a very quick trigger,” Noah Syndergaard said of the ejection, maintaining that the pitch had no purpose according to ESPN. “I was just kind of dumbfounded. I’ve never been thrown out of a game before, so it was just kind of a whirlwind of emotions. It kind of rattled me a little bit, the reason I got thrown out. I was kind of at a loss for words.”

Syndergaard should be extremely frustrated being thrown out for a pitch not even close to hitting Chase Utley last Saturday night. The MLB continues to be in the middle between sticking to the old roots and slowly going into the generation of being yourself. The Umpires made a terrible decision based off a personal rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets last postseason, when Utley broke Ruben Tejada’s leg.

It should have been a warning instead of an ejection, because at the end of the day, the league continues to become soft rather than letting the players police themselves on awful decisions. MLB needs to have more excitement, engagement from the fans to outshine the other three main sports.

Right now, it’s third place behind NBA and NFL. Both the NBA and NFL have excitement due to emotion being driven from the players, not being robots. Old timers may hate on not allowing it MLB players to show excitement, but this generation needs it.

These decisions made just takes the MLB back rather then going forward. The sport needs to come out of the stone age and become apart of the new generation, where everyone bring different personalities in being themselves, and just having fun playing baseball. Let the players police themselves and show why they should be the number one sport in the United States.

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