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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Up After A MESSY Halloween Party


By Becca Napelbaum (Cleaning Expert at handy.com)


With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably planning an epic party. The invites are out, decorations and costumes have been bought, but the one thing you haven’t planned for is the cleaning up afterwards. And let’s face it, with all the fake blood, TP-ing, and drunken zombies wandering around shedding their outfits, if any party would be the mother of all messy parties, it would be the Halloween one…


With this in mind, here is a complete Halloween party cleaning guide that explains how to clean up not only your average post party mess, but also the more Halloween specific stains. Here is all you need to know:


Cleaning fake blood of your bathroom towels – If a vampire happens to use your bathroom at some point during the night, there is a risk you will be left with fake blood on your towels. If you’re lucky, the fake blood will come out when you put your towels in the washing machine. But if it doesn’t, try using a solution of baking soda and lemon. Mix 1 part water with 2 parts lemon juice in a glass, and in a second glass make a paste of baking soda and cold water. Pour the lemon and water mixture directly onto the stain, then apply the paste on top and let sit for at least 45 minutes. Now, blot the stain with a damp cloth to remove the paste, and the fake blood should have vanished!


Removing beer from your new couch – Those drunken zombies again… Not only do they often start shedding their outfits as you approach the early hours, their hands tend to get a little less steady as the night goes by. If you end up with a whole beer spilled on your brand new couch, the easiest way to break the stain down the day after is to gently rub an ice cube over the stain for a couple of minutes. Once the ice has melted a little, apply stain remover and wash as normal. 


Rescuing your pillowcase from colored hairspray – If you get lucky enough to share your bed with Marge Simpson or The Grinch this Halloween, you will find this tip useful. The best way to get rid of colored hairspray is this; place your pillowcase in the sink and rinse with cold water. Once you’ve rinsed out as much of the color as you can, spray the whole stain with a stain removal product and leave to absorb for at least ten minutes. Finally, wash the pillowcase on a high temperature in the washing machine and the stain should vanish.


Cleaning greasy meat stains – Whether you’re serving food at the party or if you just happen to order some deliciously greasy drunk food after your guests have left, there is a risk that grease will end up in places where you don’t want it. The best way to tackle grease from greasy meats is with dishwashing liquid. Dilute the soap with warm water and apply to the stain. Blot the stain until you have completely covered it with the solution and continue until the stain has disappeared. Once you have done this, repeat the process using cold water and then allow it to dry. 


Get rid of face paint stains from the carpet – If The Joker, the Sugar Skull, and the Zombie Bride all decide to make your party a sleepover by turning your carpet into a bed, this cleaning hack is essential. Rule number one when trying to get rid of face paint or make-up: Don’t wipe or rub, as this will just push the stain deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Instead, start by picking up any loose, dried bits of paint that’s stuck between the fibers, using tweezers. Once you have picked up all the loose bits, use a damp cloth to blot the stain. Now dab some shaving foam onto the stain, blot it down so it sinks in, and then keep dabbing with clean cloths until the stain comes out.

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