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Thick & Fit! 3 tips to gain healthy weight.

Being curvy and fit is not simple but we have a plan that can help you on your way!  Check out Bombshell’s 3 tips on how to get healthy  and keep those sexy curves.

1. Mind
healthy mind
The mind is powerful and has the  ability to help you achieve or break your goals. I suggest first starting off your weight gaining goal by making sure that your decision to gain weight is out of love for yourself. Many of us are not happy with our body image because we live in a society where we worry about others opinions. Stop trying to look like the models on TV and  write down your reasons why you are looking to gain weight. If your reasons for weight gain are out of self-love, you are ready to begin your journey.
Stress is also something you’re going to want to factor in. Many people when stressed tend to experience a decrease in appetite and begin to lose weight. To avoid this, find healthy outlets like meditation or working out. In order to accomplish your goal you have to get in a positive mindset, create healthy goals and above all love yourself!
2. Exercise.
Remember the goal is to gain weight and not burn it off. You want to tone, but not slim down. I suggest picking an exercise method that won’t burn too many calories. Yoga, weight lifting, and Pilates are all great examples. Stay away from running and stick to exercise methods that grow muscle.
3. Foods
Food is the most important part. The way your body looks is determined by 80% diet and 20% exercise. Many believe you have to continue to eat fried, fatty, processed foods in order to gain weight. You can actually gain weight and still be healthy by eating clean. This could easily be done by eating more calories.  Stick to healthy calories like peanut butter, potatoes, avocados, dried fruits and nuts. Healthy fruits like mangoes, bananas, pineapples are also great. You could even try pasta made from clean grains like quinoa, spelt or whole wheat. Many athletes like to use protein shakes to gain weight.
Gaining healthy curves can be easy, just remember to more clean stuff, do the right workouts and stay focused. Always rememberNothing looks as good as healthy FEELS!
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