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Three Facts To Know About The Last Four Teams In The NCAA College Basketball Tournament

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The last couple of teams are in place. Syracuse, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Villanova all made to the final four. Two 2 seed teams are going to square off each other. Then a 10th seed team going up against arguably the best team in the country. All of them have different scenarios in which they can go home or be in the finals. No one expected Syracuse to go this far, but most believed the other three teams would be in the final four. Either way, they are here and there are three facts to know about these teams before Saturday.

1. Syracuse still in it despite them being a 10th seed

Coach Jim Boehiem wasn’t pleased by the committee putting Syracuse as the 10th seed team. But neither were the fans agreeing on the them going to the tournament. Now they find themselves in the final four with the other elites. This historic program can still win the whole tournament if they play their brand of basketball.The team on offense scores 69 points a game. Defensively, they are one of the best giving up 55 points a game. They have their 2-3 zone to back up their numbers.

Not that many teams can figure it out in the college level, how to exploit the zone. They might have troubles against a balanced North Carolina offense, which shoots the ball well from the three point line. But as great as North Carolina is, He will figure out different ways on limiting their shooting to let it be a grind out game. They can still pull out a Cinderella story, even if the others didn’t see it from a great program.

2. North Carolina, Oklahoma and Villanova can explode for 80 points any game

North Carolina, Oklahoma and Villanova all can explode for 80 points in this tournament. They are a capable of having stretches where they score 12 unanswered points and sustain it throughout the game. North Carolina can easily make the Syracuse game be a blow out, but can battle it out with their zone defense.

Oklahoma and Villanova are even at scoring. Don’t be surprise if it ends up becoming a one possession game with 15 seconds to go. College basketball is at it’s highest when two or three top teams play at a high level. All of them can score efficient enough to be in games, but it’s their defense that will determine if any of these teams are good enough to be in the finals.

3. Each one of them can win it all

Anyone can make the case of any team winning it all. Syracuse has the zone defense with a great coach in Boehiem. North Carolina is a balanced offense that shoots the ball well from the three point line, orchestra by coach Roy Williams. Oklahoma possibly has the player of the year in Buddy Hield, capable of scoring at will despite being the undersized shooting guard. Villanova, another wild card team in the final four, confident in beating any of the three teams. A person can point out facts and strategic ideas on the team they think will win the NCAA championship. Expect this to be one of the best weekends in college basketball history.

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