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Three Facts To Learn From Day One Of NBA Free Agency


The first day of NBA Free Agency happened yesterday and a lot of big names agreed to enormous contracts. In two years the salary cap for all the teams will be increased to more than $100 million dollars. While there are winners and losers from the first day, it’s not set in stone for a team to get closer to an NBA Championship. Here are three facts to learn from day one of NBA Free Agency.

1.  Go For The Max!!!!!!

The trend in the NBA is players going for the max and getting the money they think they deserve. There are moments on the court where an injury can occur and being financially stable can be a pro for the player, but a con for the fans that want to see the player play and win. Players such as Anthony Davis, Kevin Love and Damian Lillard have 5 year contracts with more than 100 million. Davis has a contract worth $140 million dollars, Love has $110 million dollars and Lillard at $125 million dollars. Teams can go over the cap due to the Larry Bird Rights which granted them flexibility on paying the most money. Although even low to mid tier players are getting paid a lot as well, expect more big contracts through the weeks and into the future.

2. Big Markets Don’t Equal Big Names

The big markets such as New York and Los Angeles are not exactly doing well on the first day. Free agent and power forward LaMarcus Aldridge had a meeting with Lakers and was not impress with the presentation. Despite having Kobe Bryant in the room and telling him the benefits of living in LA, he wants to play for a winning team like the San Antonio Spurs that are on his radar. There are reports of players not interested in playing with Bryant due to his ego and presence. They haven’t gotten anyone so far including the Knicks who seem to be talking with mid tier players. They did acquire Arron Afflalo for two years and are looking at others such as Robin Lopez, Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley. These aren’t the big names and thus the ways of getting big names in big markets are not happening anymore.

3. It’s Only The First Day Of Free Agency

It’s only the first day of free agency and fans are panicking on their teams. Some are puzzled by the amount of money they are getting and some hope to make a splash on a big name. Cleveland seems to be the winner on the first day due to their signings of Tristan Thompson, Love and Shumpert. Lakers and Knicks are the losers but have many days to go. Money talks around the league and players have the right to go after the money since the cap will go up in a few years.


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